Honest Chocolate is a small artisanal chocolate company based in Cape Town, South Africa. We believe in keeping things hand-crafted using old school methods, using quality organically produced ingredients and making a pure chocolate that has a deliciously distinct feel and taste.

How we work

Honest Chocolate believes in being part of a positive chain of production
Positive chain of production
Our goal is to have ethical consideration for people and environment at all times by sourcing local, organic and fair.
Honest Chocolate believes in handmade production
What handmade means to us

We practise personal accountability in the thoughtful and selective making of our chocolate products, which leads to the fantastic taste of our chocolate.

We're not afraid of the dark...

We want to showcase the uniqueness and origin of every batch of cacao beans, and not compromise it by over-flavouring or over-sugaring.

Everything tempered by humour

We’re inspired by the change in people’s faces as they taste our chocolate for the first time, and the fun, creativity and collaboration put into everything we produce.

How did we get here?

It all started from a bit of experimentation with raw cacao. Anthony made a few simple chocolates from raw cacao powder as a healthy treat for himself and friends and when they were polished off in seconds, with demands for more, he knew he was onto something. Over the next few months he taught himself more about the art and science of chocolate making, an endeavour that eventually developed into Honest Chocolate.
Meanwhile Michael was also experimenting with raw chocolate in London, with similar results, and so on his return to Cape Town, when the opportunity came to join Anthony on his chocolate adventure, the decision wasn’t all that difficult. The attraction was the diversity of making chocolate and being involved in something that continually changes, something both fun and rewarding.