"I recently bought your chocolate bars and spread from the neighborhood market in Cape Town. I unfortunately am living to regret it as its my new addiction. Thought I'd let you know you've ruined all other dark chocolates for me..."

"their chocolate bon bons have a positively orgasmic melt-in-the-mouth texture..."

Lanalou Style

Honest Chocolate is a small artisanal chocolate making company based in the heart of Cape Town and consists of two chocolate makers, Michael and Anthony, who are passionate about what they do. I'm sure you would have seen their chocolates at one of the local markets or at select stores, especially noticeable by their cool wrappers... read more

Sunday Times - Raw: Honest Chocolate

In stark contrast to the industrial feel of CocoaFair, which turns out a ton of chocolate each month, the wood-panelled emporium of Honest Chocolate harks back to a gentler time... here, everything is done by hand, from tempering the molten chocolate on a marble slab to reheating it with a hairdryer before moulding... read more

Nicework - The Handmade Issue

"Despite humble beginnings, Honest Chocolate has now become a much sought after delicacy by foodies and chocolate-lovers alike. Anthony and Michael are our local version of the Mast Brothers..." (we're pages 47 - 49 on the pdf) read more

Raising Men - Blog post on one of our stockists

A blog post about Komati though we get a mention and we love Komati so worth a read... "And yes, they stock Honest chocolate. They are that awesome"... read more

Number Nineteen

I'm a bar a night of Salty Lindt kinda girl, so cant wait to lay my hands on some of this. Honest Chocolate made in Cape Town. Luckily I'll be visiting next week for the Design Indaba. Let me at it!... read more

Cape Town Girl

It was both a wonderful and sad day I first sat down with a box of these. Wonderful because I now had Honest Chocolate in my life. And sad because no other chocolate would ever taste like chocolate again. And I mean real, dark, decadent chocolate. The kind I imagine the Mayans would have placed in their temples as an offering to the gods, and the gods would have been well-pleased... read more

It's what I'm into

I met up with Anthony and Michael at their shop to find out a bit more about the chocolate making process and on how they got started.... read more

Lucky Pony

When we were in Cape Town we went past Honest Chocolate. My word. I walked in. I tasted. I bought. What a sweet little shop, I loved the simplicity of it, it made me feel like I was in a little store in Paris. The owner was very cool, he told us all about the chocolate and let us taste some, little did he know that if I had half a chance I would of tied him up and then proceeded to roll around in whatever melted chocolate he had in the back. I would of swam through it like Scrooge Mc Duck in his vault of gold... read more

Elle Deco - Wale Street

With it's hodgepodge of local designers, artisan chocolate makers, historic museums and mapie antique stores, Cape Town's Wale Street offers a myriad delights to while away a Sunday afternoon... read more

Wellness Warehouse

A few months ago the first Honest Chocolate shop was opened in Wale Street and I got chatting to the sales lady, Nikki. We both agreed that it was like drinking wine or coffee; once you get hold of the good stuff anything else is just, well... average... read more

Elle Living

Wale Street in Cape Town has become something of a hot spot over the past few weeks – which was our online team’s excuse to abandon the office and explore a new creative hub just a few blocks away. A great cup of coffee, a taste of handmade chocolate and taking in some amazing art and design, were all in a day’s work... read more


One last thing before I finish up my homework for the week. Do any of you know who designed these ass-kicking bars of Honest chocolate? I keep seeing them around. Nice... read more

Whale Cottage - Food and Wine Bloggers Club

The October Food & Wine Bloggers’ Club meeting, hosted by the Haas Collective in their gallery across the road from Haas Coffee, reflected the passion and spirit of Jorgensen Distillery and Honest Chocolates, both artisanal producers... read more

1Time Inflight Magazine - The Lighter Side of Chocolate

The owners of small artisan chocolate company Honest Chocolate, Anthony Gird and Michael de Klerk, are taking a fresh approach to the art of chocolate making, and are hoping to dispel some of chocolate's biggest criticism at the same time... read more

Elle - Friday Favourites

Honest Chocolate has opened shop at 66 Wale Street, Cape Town, so do pop in for some handmade, organic, raw chocolate. The designer wrappers by illustrators Jean de Wet, Toby Newsome and Marsi Van De Heuvel make them even harder to resist... read more

Antonia blog

I just bought yummy birthday presents. Honest Chocolate. Made with love in Cape Town... read more

Property Magazine

Honest Chocolate is a local company specialising in the art of chocolate making with organic, raw cacao. It's new shop and kitchen is set to open in the city centre of Cape Town and will be a chocoholics delight... read more

Shape Magazine - The Shape Hot List

The old-world interior includes wooden panels and counter tops and vintage decor. Besides perusing the array of delicious chocolate boxes, slabs or highly addictive spread (you've been warned), peek through the window into the kitchen and watch the chocolate crafters... read more

Women and Home - VIP Chocolate Craftsmen

In their quest for making healthy treats for family and friends, Anthony Gird and Michael de Klerk, stumbled upon a calling and a passion for making beautifully handcrafted chocolate with a difference... read more

Cape Town Magazine - New kids on the block

You might recognise this brand from various shops and markets throughout Cape Town and now they have their very own chocolate shop. Their chocolates are dairy free, don’t contain processed sugar and are made from raw, organic Ecuadorian cacao... read more

abouTime - 1Time online magazine

Chocolate has always had something of a bad reputation. Overweight women often point the finger of blame at their “chocolate addictions”, dentists warn off the sweets and chocolates to prevent tooth decay, and dieticians shun it. But now the owners of small artisan chocolate company Honest Chocolate, Anthony Gird and Michael de Klerk, are taking a fresh approach to the art of chocolate making, and are hoping to dispel some of chocolate’s biggest criticism at the same time.... read more


Let’s be honest, chocolate is good, real good. And when it’s beautifully packaged and made from ethically sourced organic ingredients that are low GI there isn’t much left to want... read more

Cape Town Collectables

They’ve been around for some time, selling neatly packaged chocolate at fresh goods markets, health shops and alternative food stores around the country. But since yesterday, Anthony and Michael finally sport their own shop in Cape Town... read more