Honest Chocolate is ethically and responsibly made Bean to Bar from simple ingredients. Our slabs are created in small batches, moulded and wrapped by hand.

Our current range holds a 70% Dark Chocolate sweetened with unrefined cane sugar and a 70% Dark Chocolate sweetened with coconut blossom sugar.


Dark and intense with a hard chocolate outside and a soft, smooth, chocolatey centre. They melt in your mouth. Each praline is cut by hand and hand dipped using a traditional dipping fork. You can find all sorts of flavours at the Cafe in Cape Town, along with our hollow skulls and political figure busts for something fun.

Other Chocolate Products

Chocolate Spread: Velvety feel with a rich chocolate flavour. This is especially good smeared on fresh ciabatta, warm croissants, strawberries, bananas, or just eaten with a spoon. Also goes well on most body parts.

Ingredients: Raw organic cacao, organic virgin coconut oil (cold pressed), organic blue agave nectar, organic vanilla seeds.

Honest Hot Chocolate: This rich, thick hot chocolate is intended to be sipped as a short, espresso-style drink. It can be made dairy-free, with milk, or milk substitutes. A mix of our Tanzanian chocolate and cacao powder its an intense chocolate experience for the true chocaholic!