Introducing Honest NFTs

Our bean to bar commitment has always been backed by our drive to keep growing and having a positive impact, and we’re proud to continue doing just that with our newest project: deliciously Honest NFTs.

Asking emerging South African artists to freely express their creativity on our artist range of wrappers has always been about doing as much as we can for local talent, while also involving our community of customers in our holistic bean to bar process. And because we’re always looking for more ways for you to experience something wonderful with us, we’re taking things up a notch and inviting you to play an even bigger role in our artist collaborations. 

That’s why we’re celebrating the launch of our new Maca chocolate slab, adorned with Cape Town artist Amy-Lee Tak’s iconic wrapper design, by offering a limited number of signed prints of the artwork for the first time. 

Get your hands on one of twenty signed prints, and we’ll send you a free digital Non-Fungible Token (NFT) version, too. (Not quite sure what an NFT is? The team at MOMINT have laid it all out here.) Plus, because we’re all about doing good through good chocolate, your purchase will also get you 10% off when you shop online with us, valid for one year.

Or you can buy one of the 50  NFT only versions, and you’ll still be entitled to the 10% discount. With the profits of all NFTs going straight to the artist and Rape Crisis, your NFT purchase is just another step in the Honest chain of positivity – with delicious chocolate being an undeniable bonus. 

Ready to get your hands on your own little piece of history, support an incredible up-and-coming artist, invest in an original piece of art, AND score some chocolatey discounts on the way?

How do I buy the NFT?

Just click through to the artwork section of our store and all of the currently available options will be listed there for you to shop. We’ve even partnered up with MOMINT so that you can easily make your NFT purchase using a credit card – no cryptocurrency wallet required.

Can I sell the NFT?

Yup, you can buy and sell NFTs like any other asset on a number of different marketplaces. The great thing about our Honest NFTs is that every time it’s sold, 10% of the resale value will be given to Amy-Lee and to Rape Crisis after costs. So, if you decide to sell your NFT for R30,000 in 5 years time, R3,000 will be distributed to good causes, continuing to add to the growing  chain of positivity.

Want more information on NFTs? Click HERE for some additional resources that you can check out, or take a look at what other Brands are doing in the world of NFT’s.


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