Honest Hot Chocolate: Good AND Good For You

Our winter warmer is a game changer.

Heaven is real… and it’s Honest Hot Chocolate! A winter warmer that tastes incredible, makes you feel great, and has everything you need to heat things up this winter.

Welcoming the chilly season in style, our organic Hot Chocolate is made with pure, ethically-sourced chocolate and very little else – which means more chocolate (and more deliciousness) and no fillers, powdered thingamawhats, or thickeners. Plus, because our Hot Chocolate is made with real, quality chocolate, it’s got a bunch of benefits to both lift your mood and boost your health.

Did you know that chocolate contains:

  • Tryptophan, which helps the brain to produce serotonin – the happy chemical! So, the more good chocolate you eat, the happier you’ll be. Its Science!
  • Tryamine, which helps to increase your dopamine levels – a neurotransmitter linked to pleasure and joy.

Hot chocolate that will make you feel fantastic? Yes, please!


And because we’re all about rethinking chocolate to create experiences that have a deliciously distinct feel and taste, we’ve created a Hot Chocolate Experiment Pack filled with exciting extras, including our delicious Experimental Mixes that will take your hot chocolate to a whole new level.


Ready to rethink hot chocolate with us? Visit the Honest Café for the full experience, or shop and enjoy at home now.


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