It’s Festive Gifting Time!

Introducing gifts that leave no trace, other than delicious memories.

We’re all about giving you options for local, ethical gifts that get you straight to the top of the nice list.

Spoil that special someone with one of our delicious gifts! Plus, we’re extra excited to let you know that we’ve collaborated with the incredible queen of nougat, Elmarie of Mondvol Soet, to create the perfect nougat that we just can’t stop dipping in our Honest chocolate… and eating. So, when you shop these Honest treats this year, you’re supporting organic farmers in Tanzania, as well as two small, proudly South African businesses. Nice.

This year, treat your favourite to:

  • Our 12 Piece Nougat Box: Made with honey, packed with almonds, and dipped in our favourite 54% dark mylk chocolate. 
  • Honest Slabs & Nougat: 4 slabs of iconic, delicious Honest chocolate, plus 6 bars of our honey and almond mylk-dipped nougat. 
  • 8 Slabs of Honest Chocolate: 8 handcrafted Honest Chocolate bars, for 8 x the deliciousness, you really can’t go wrong with this one. 
  • Build Your Own Honest Chocolate: Let them get creative, or show off your own chocolatier skills with a bespoke chocolate creation. 

Just click to shop, add to basket, and be everyone’s favourite when they see what you’ve left for them under the tree.

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