Nuts about Komati

Komati Foods is a family-run business specialising in the sourcing, preparation and packaging of superior healthy snacks. Supporting a healthy lifestyle and promoting wellness is at the core of what they do. We use Komati’s raw nuts for so many of our Café recipes! Roasted and spiced served alongside the bunny chow, blended into our sweet potato brownie mix, and left as chunks in our double chocolate brownies. We sat down with Leanne, to find out more about them.

What do you believe in as a company?

We believe in combining quality and freshness to deliver the very best products at competitive prices. Each of our items is ethically and sustainably sourced and held to the highest standards to ensure choice results.

What would be your biggest piece of business advice for someone starting a small company?

Learn to work long hours! You have to be physically present and hands on all the time. It’s rewarding though.

What’s your favourite thing that you guys make?

I’d say our roasted and salted cashews are the best, ever, in the world!

What’s your philosophy in terms of staff and job creation?

We believe in creating employment opportunities wherever possible and proudly support local farmers through mutually beneficial partnerships.

Komati Foods is located at 74 Lower Main Road in Observatory, Cape Town. They stock a range of our chocolate slabs, and plenty other delightful snacks! Pay them a visit when you can!

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