Juicebox: A juice that’s worth the squeeze!

Juicebox supplies our Wale Street Cafe with some incredible, fresh and vibrant juices. Fresh naartjie, pomegranate and their all new Fizz range, plus so many others. We sat down with one of the founders, Karsten, to ask him some questions.

How did Juicebox start?

Juicebox started in a small kitchen in Woodstock. We made juices the way our Mom used to do them at home and gave some to friends – these ended up in hands of restaurant owners that wanted to order. From there on in January 2010 we started selling to a few places in Cape Town.

What do you believe as a company?

Having fun in what we do. Creating an outstanding natural product, that is local, sustainable, supports small businesses. We are honest with our clients and don’t give them any crap – all natural, no additives. Further we highly support our staff in building up their skills and studies.

How did your relationship with Honest start?

Michael was at an event and got to know us and the product – from there Honest started stocking Juicebox (especially Chilli) at the Wale Street store.

What’s your favorite product that you make?

Our new carbonated range of FIZZ Cooldrinks is my absolute favourite (Apple, Grape & Pineapple). I also dig the new Chilli Pineapple.

What are your future plans?

We want to extend our ranges going more into all-natural Sodas.

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