Early Bird Amy-Lee Tak original NFT – SOLD OUT

Early Bird Amy-Lee Tak original NFT – SOLD OUT


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If you are an Art and Chocolate lover then get your hands on this Amy-Lee Tak, limited edition NFT fast!

This early-bird offer is limited to 10 NFTs in total in the edition. It comes at a lower price but packs all the value of the full-price NFT.

The NFT also contains a 12 months 10% discount code for any purchase via the Honest Chocolate Online store. This means all of your purchases for a year get a 10% discount, no limits or small print!

What is an NFT you ask? NFTs are a digital fingerprint giving you, as the buyer, exclusive ownership rights of the Amy-Lee NFT you purchased. The NFT also allows you to unlock special bonuses that only NFT owners get, like the coupon code. It is stored in a wallet and can be sold by you at any time on a marketplace or given to somebody else directly. There is more in our blogs about NFTs.

The NFT proceeds go to Amy-Lee and Rape Crisis, plus, should Amy-Lee or honest get famous, you will own a piece of art you can sell like any other asset. Everytime the NFT is sold, 15% goes back to the artist and Rape Crisis – so everybody benefits. You get a discount for a year, You support an SA Artist and a great charity, and You may make a bundle of cash in the future. Literally, a sweeet deal.

Once purchased you will receive an email with a link to access your very own NFT!

Out of stock


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  1. honest

    Such beautiful work!

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