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CT Locals: Free delivery for orders over R500
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Hot Chocolate Experimental Pack

Hot Chocolate Experimental Pack


4 in stock

4 in stock


Limited edition*

Our Honest Hot Chocolate Experiment Pack isn’t just choc-o-block full of delicious ingredients (70% actual chocolate, and no thickeners or fillers), it’s also the perfect base for shaking things up and creating your own chocolatey creation.

What you’ll get:

1 x 200g of Organic Hot Chocolate (Vegan)

1 x Mexican Spices mix

1 x Superfoods Mix

1 x Mini Jar of Biscoff Italian Spread

3 x Chocolate Chip Cookies (not vegan) 

And we’ve thrown in a pack of Mini Marshmallows to makes things sweeter!


Only available online and in-store (at our Chocolate Café)

Have fun and tell us what your favorite delicious creation is!



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