Organic Hot Chocolate

Organic Hot Chocolate


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70% dark chocolate, certified organic cocoa powder.


It’s basically our 70% chocolate with a bit of cacao powder! Also amazing for an ice cold chocolate milk or decadent chocolate sauce.

Instructions: Place 4 teaspoons of hot chocolate mix into a small cup and mix in about 4 teaspoons of very hot water to form a paste. Once a thick paste is achieved then add desired amount of hot/cold water/milk and stir enthusiastically.

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3 reviews for Organic Hot Chocolate

  1. Jessica Dreamtime

    This is the best hot chocolate in the world. Once you have tasted it you can’t go back.

  2. Natasja

    Wholesome goodness!!! After tasting this I’m pretty sure I’ve never had the real thing… this is phenomenally delicious and the ingredients are great and the taste decadent

  3. Dzunani

    They look delicious

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