The Gin Bar

Tucked away in the Honest Chocolate courtyard is The Secret Gin Bar.

Neighbours and friends, this team of connoisseurs make an unbeatable gin cocktail.

There are four staple options to choose from (Head, Heart, Ambition & Soul) but new unusual weekly specials are concocted each week too.


The setting will transport you to a quirky piazza in Italy, with fairy lights and eccentric décor adding to the beauty of it all.

To add to the joy, our Honest Chocolate Café is open until 6pm on Weekdays and until 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays, so you can grab a chocolate treat and a gin and double up on the festivities!

Open Tuesday to Thursday: 5pm-1am and Friday and Saturday: 4pm-2am.

The beautiful Upstairs bar (above the Gin Bar) is also open Thursday to Saturday night, and the space is available to hire for events and functions.



Email or call Kenan on 071 2412277

& visit their Instagram page: @theginbar to find out more.

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