On-site Chocolate tasting

The “Bean to Bar to Brownie Tasting Journey”

We can come to your place!

Or any place that you and your people will be (eg a conference or hotel), that’s no problem. Our chocolate experience is pretty flexible. Speaking of which…

With this experience we take you through an interactive tasting journey, from the organic cacao bean, to the handmade chocolates, to the Netflix-featured chocolate brownies*. It’s a lot of fun and obviously very delicious.

(*vegan, gluten-free, cane sugar-free brownies available)

Size: We can do from 15 people to 500 people – depending on how we structure the experience.

Duration: From 20 mins up to a full day (where we set up a station for people to experience in their own time).

To book a private Chocolate tasting please email info@honestchocolate.co.za