Build Your Own Chocolate Gift Box

Build Your Own Chocolate Gift Box



Make your own unique chocolate and give it as a gift or enjoy for yourself! Get crafty and build a mega 210g slab (it’s 3 and half times bigger than our normal slabs) with your favorite ingredients to spoil yourself or a loved one this festive season!

It’s simple: choose your favourite chocolate base (70% dark Chocolate or 54% dark mylk Chocolate) and a variety of 8 yummy ingredients to build your delicious custom chocolate slab. 

Both chocolate bases are Vegan and Dairy free (we use oat milk instead of cows milk)

210g slab



210g Slab


6 reviews for Build Your Own Chocolate Gift Box

  1. Brittany

    This was quite enjoyable – can’t wait to receive my giant bar🙊🙊

  2. Barbara Giacomin

    A unique concept. I would like the option of a 100% chocolate base or the possibility of using datesas the sweetener.

  3. Fred charles

    Love this idea! a great gift

  4. Stephanie

    Gifts is one of my love languages. I felt very loved when I received my custom Honest Chocolate made just for me by someone I love.

    I work in marketing and I’m definitely adding this product to our agenda when we discuss our corporate gifts for this year.

  5. Fred

    Such a great concept. It was great to receive an email link and then customise my own massive chocolate slab.

  6. virtual local numbers

    This topic is simply matchless

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