What’s in your dairy-free milk?

Honest took a trip to visit Adri at The Almond Creamery; her company supplies our Cafe with its delicious nut milks used in our dairy-free hot and cold drinks.

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The company came about when Adri felt that the dairy-free industry needed some improvement. When she started two years ago, there was nothing much available on the shelves, and whatever was available was made mostly of water with very little nutritious content. Adri wanted to make something delicious and so she did! She started off selling the product at local markets, but her partner encouraged her to branch out further. That’s when she began promoting it more widely, and the response was very much a YES!

The Almond Creamery manufactures, sells and distributes a locally sourced and produced, nut-based dairy-free milk alternative. They have a unique product that is fresh and made with 5 times more nuts, creating a richer, creamier and more nutritious milk compared to their competitors. What we found the most shocking: in South Africa, more than 80% of the population is dairy intolerant! Dairy-free milk alternatives have only become widely available in South Africa in the last 12-18 months, and Almond Creamery is the only fresh option in the category. Their vision is to disrupt the ‘dairy-free’ industry with products that are delicious, nutritious and sustainable for our planet.

Untitled design (4)How did your relationship with Honest Chocolate start?

“I really saw that our ethos and our values were very similar. Because I’ve been in the health industry for a while I knew of them, but my partner actually met Anthony and then suggested I chat to them. They wanted to make sure it was good quality nut milk, so I sent in samples and then their order was quite immediate.”

How has it been running a start up?

“Running a start up has been very interesting. I actually feel like it’s something I’m meant to do. There are huge ups and downs almost everyday but I love what I do and wake up every morning excited to start my day.”

If you want to get your hands on any of The Almond Creamery’s products, they’re available at selected Spar and Wellness Warehouse stores, Knead Bakeries and Seattle Coffee Companies.

Featured Image by: Riana Vogel

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